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Get that Amazing Vintage Les Paul Tone with Session Guitarist – Electric Sunburst for Kontakt 5



This year we have seen the release of some really innovative new guitar synth software and recently Native Instruments steps up to the plate with the release of Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst for Kontact 5.

Created in collaboration with the team at Drumasonic, Electric Sunburst captures the subtleties of the vintage Les Paul sound. Although NI doesn’t come out and say Gibson or Les Paul, the unique, signature sound comes through with amazing quality in an extremely useful set of rhythmic and tonal tools.

The software allows you to select between bridge and neck pickup tones, fret noise, as well as mic and tuning control, as well as a great selection of effects pedals, cabs and amps. An impressive library of riffs, picking and strumming options also make songwriting a breeze.

As a guitarist (and Les Paul Collector) who is both, picky about tone and skeptical about synthesized guitar software in general, I have to say that this plugin inspires me and sounds amazing. Hats off to Native Instruments for continuing to impress.

By the way, Electric Sunburst is only $99, so if you love vintage guitar tones, go pick it up!

Sean Earley is the Executive Editor of Modern Musician Magazine, AR/VR Magazine, CMO & Creative Director at booomVR, an author, publisher, musician, & artist. He Loves coffee, guitars and making cool stuff.

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